Working with Kristin has done nothing shy of opening me up to life. I feel more in tune with myself and my passion in all areas of my life. I have been able to awaken and move energy long stagnant and create more connection within myself. It has been an amazing process to wake up to my power and start living a more vibrant life.
- Karen, 29

The treatments I had with Kris were incredibly profound and a big step in making life changes in relating to myself and my partner.  I saw Kris for scar tissue remediation and for Lichen Sclerosis, physical needs that were well met by Kris.  And with this work came a deeper understanding of the emotional and spiritual aspects that underlie these physical manifestations.  Kris provided a safe and nurturing container for me to take these steps with ease and gratitude.  Kris is incredibly empathic and intuitive, she holds so much care, respect and reverence in her whole being.  She met me exactly where I needed to be met and she supported a gentle, meaningful unfolding and healing.  There has been so much growth in my being since I saw Kris, I am so grateful she is in my community doing this very important work.

- A.G. Duncan BC

I always thought I had a satisfactory sex life and that I was aware and open toward my body.   When I started working with Kris, I quickly realized that not only had I explored but a fragment of my sexuality so far but that my approach to sex and pleasure was made of patterns that didn't allow me to embrace a deeper sense of pleasure and bliss. With Kris' guidance, I was able to connect at a deeper level with my femininity, my sexuality, my body and consequently with my true woman nature. With her, I learnt to really BE in my body and to just breath and feel. Pleasure started coming from new areas and spreading in new directions. I discovered textures and sensations I never knew before. I started to find pleasure through mindfully focusing on my sensations rather than fantasizing and moving out of my body. She showed me to fully let go and embrace the sexy and sensual woman I really want to be. Kris helped me to become tender, caring and loving toward my body. My sex life, alone or with a partner, is fuller and richer than ever and I feel like I'm 20 again; but a mindful and vocal 20 year old who knows and says what she wants! I will be forever grateful to Kris for her wisdom and her gentle guidance.

- J.L.

When I came to work with Kris, the physical and emotional affects of Pudendal Neuralgia were beginning to take a toll on me and have a negative impact on all areas of my life.   When I met her, I felt for the first time someone could understand what I was going through and care for me in a way I hadn’t felt before.  Over the course of my treatments I saw a decrease in my painful symptoms and felt more balanced and hopeful as I began to notice changes in areas of my life besides just my body.  Even though my symptoms have not gone away entirely, I feel more empowered, in control and am able to experience pleasure in my body again.  What I enjoyed most about working with Kris is that she took a more holistic approach and saw me as a spiritual, emotional and physical person, giving me lots of tools to work with at home on my own.  She helped me learn about my boundaries and worked with where I felt comfortable.  I felt very safe with her.  Kris is passionate and dedicated to her work, I would recommend her to any women suffering from the challenges of pelvic pain.  

- S.L. Vancouver Island, B.C. 

She was very personal and it was wonderful to have a new approach and perspective on the effect that multiple vulvar and perineal surgeries had on my body and mind.  Kristin was extremely helpful in working to get back my sensuality and feeling back to myself sexually, physically and emotionally.

- Jennifer M

I initially went to Kristin, thinking that I needed more assistance to face my wounds, and support to go there. Although this was part of what occurred, what I reconnected with, re-awoke, and re-claimed, far surpassed what I thought would happen. As many of my mentors have said before "As soon as you choose to do the work, the medicine begins to infuse your life". This is most definitely what took place. I felt changes within myself, as soon as I finally decided to start working with Kristin. I feel more connection, aliveness, vibrancy, and awareness within my body, then I have felt in a long while. I am excited to continue working and learning with Kristin, and highly recommend her and her work.  I'm so grateful.
- Sara, Cowichan Bay, BC - age 31

The sessions with you have been extremely helpful in more than just my sexual life.  As much as I thought the boundaries exercises were not necessary for my personality type, I was wrong. It's a learning process I apply in my daily life as well as sexual life, and I'm glad you opened my eyes on my lack of confidence with having and setting boundaries.  The scar tissue sessions have had an impact of my sensitivity too. The work we did was more helpful in a way than that of many other specialists I have seen for my vulvo & vestibulodynias, and trust me, there were lots of specialists!  A number of things, including the sessions with you have put me in a more confident state today than I have been in years.  I've had intercourse with 2 men in the last few months and I didn't think that could happen without pain.  The sensations I was experiencing…Well I had completely forgotten how they felt after almost 10 years! There is still a lot of work to do, and I know most of it has to come from me, to me. There is no magic pill, but the improvement I have seen through our sessions (castor oil does magic down there; my inner skin feels much more flexible now) has given me the confidence kick I needed for years to actually believe… And for that I thank you!
- L .B.  age 27, Montreal, QC

Kris provided much needed skill, strength & compassion to help me face physical & emotional trauma from Caesarean scarring. Prior to being treated by her, I was subconsciously directing a lot of hostility towards what had become the least favourite part of my body - a constant & painful reminder of birthing plans gone awry. She helped me become aware of that, creating a new relationship with my history & what is possible for my present. Her comradery and perspective as a nurturing,knowledgeable Mama & healer are invaluable. Thank you so much, Kris!
- Cyrene

I found Kristin after reading about the benefits of healing scar tissue from the birthing process. I had a traumatic forceps birth with an episiotomy that had also left me with a pelvic organ prolapse. I feel like seeing Kristin was a turning point in my healing both emotionally and physically. She is very easy to talk to, empathetic, down to earth and very professional. I found sharing my birth story with her very therapeutic and also felt very comfortable with her working on my scar tissue. (Which she showed me how to keep healing it at home on my own as well.)  I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone.
- D.B

“I have been struggling with a stage 3 bladder prolapse for the past year and I had been doing the exercises faithfully that I was given from the pelvic floor physiotherapist. However, there was no improvement. I had heard of the Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage and found Kristin. When I started seeing her was really when I started to see a significant improvement in my condition. I am so happy that I found her and her treatment! "
- Deb