My session plan helps with women's pelvic
issues, sexual dysfunctions and trauma such as:


Physical Pain

  • Sexual disorders and dysfunction

    • Vaginismus

    • Vulvodynia

    • Painful intercourse

    • Pelvic Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)

    • Loss of sensation


  • Birth related traumas and scarring

    • Episiotomies

    • Cesarean   

    • Birth tears    

  • Scar tissue adhesions

    • Lichen Sclerosus    

    • Surgeries

    • Injuries

Mental / Emotional Challenges

  • Negative feelings about body and genitals

  • Sexual abuse and trauma

  • Shame and anxiety

  • Decreased libido

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Inability to feel pleasure

  • Difficulty, fear, avoidance of touch and sexual interaction

  • Identifying psychosomatic emotions stored in body

  • Feelings of disconnection with pelvis

  • Intimacy and relationship challenges


Menstrual / Reproductive

  • Prolapse

  • PMS

  • Displaced Uterus

  • Painful Menstrual cycle

  • Pelvic congestion

  • Endometriosis


"I feel more empowered, in control and am able
to experience pleasure in my body again." -S.L. 

The results and benefits of my work are:

  • Relief from painful symptoms

  • Become more present in pelvis and integrate old traumas and painful emotions

  • More ease with sexual functioning

  • Recover lost sensation

  • Improve pelvic sensation and blood flow

  • Gain tools for self-care and wellness

  • Decrease stress

  • Feel more positive about body and self

  • Feel positive about sexual interaction

  • Self-empowerment

  • Relief and hope as women learn to have more control of their bodies and sensations