What is the WORK you offer?

I provide innovative new approaches for women’s health and pelvic wellness.  It is necessary to use a holistic perspective if we are to address the challenging and complex physical and emotional issues women are experiencing today.  This work is a simple and safe, complementary approach to the health care women are currently receiving.   



Initial sessions discuss health and sexual history, concerns and goals. We may focus on working with boundary and communication issues through a variety of somatic based and embodiment practices that can include breath, body awareness and creating language around touch. Based on clients needs, sessions may include hands on work to assess areas of pain, tension and lack of sensation or flow in the pelvis. These practices are accompanied by dialogue to establish and sustain a client’s connection with their sensations. This can reconnect women to their pelvis, sexual functioning and health in a more empowered and somatic way. There is time after the session to integrate, share, and reflect on their experience. Each session educates and provides tools to work with at home; alone or with a partner.  


What will I notice after a session?  

Many women report feeling more connected and aware of their pelvis, feeling more grounded in their body and having a sense of control over their pain and discomfort.  They report feeling calmer and more hopeful as they gain new tools for self care.


How many sessions do I need?

Most women need a minimum of 3-5 sessions to really benefit from the fullness of this work and gain the tools for self care. This being said, sometimes even just a single session can be transformative.


How are you qualified?

I have over 20 years experience working with women offering massage and health education. (CMT Calif. 1994-2001) My background in prenatal yoga (CYI) and doula care (CD) informs my work with women’s health. In addition, my training in Somatic Sex Education and Arvigo Abdominal Therapy™ give me the specific tools and resources to help women find relief from pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. 


Do you work with people that have been sexually abused?

Given the high rates of sexual abuse in our society, I often work with survivors of sexual trauma.   I am not a sexual abuse counselor or therapist but I am a trauma informed, somatic based practitioner.   My body based, somatic and holistic practices provide an essential part of the healing process that talk therapy alone does not always fulfill.  My work does not diagnosis or take the place of other needed health care treatment.  I offer referrals to psychotherapists, counselors, and other healthcare professionals when necessary.


How might this treatment affect me emotionally?

To understand the healing value of pelvic massage one should remember that although there may be scar tissue or other physical symptoms present, repressed emotions such as shame and trauma can be psychosomatically stored in the body. These emotions play an important part of sexual dysfunction and also need to be identified and addressed for real change to occur.

A wide range of emotions may arise during or after sessions as repressed pain is integrated.  Referral to a counsellor or other health professional will be provided when necessary or desired.  


What is Scar Tissue Remediation?

Utilizing massage techniques with castor oil, scar tissue remediation addresses and breaks up tissue bound or restricted by scarring from surgery, childbirth, disease, injury or trauma. Moreover, it creates more ease and functioning in the tissue.


Is this included in BC health care?  

The women's pelvic care treatments that I provide are not covered by the Canadian medical system or insurance organizations at this time.  It is my hope that in the future, this care will be integrated and covered like other complementary health care services.