I have 20 years of experience offering massage and health education to adults, (CMT Calif. 1994-2001). I became interested in women’s health and went on to become a Certified Doula (CD) and a Certified Yoga instructor (CYI) and began working with women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, supporting them during this time of great change and transformation.

On my own journey of exploring and reclaiming my own sexuality, healing sexual wounds and the traumas of child birth, I have been able to regain awareness, sensation, and a better understanding of my own body. Through these experiences, it became clear to me the great importance that a woman’s connection to her pelvis has on her physical, emotional and sexual health. My continued education and passion led me to receive certification as a Somatic Sex Educator and to become a practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy™.  With this work I deepen the possibilities for women to heal and connect to their bodies. 

I feel confident in the role that direct touch and holistic practices play in making positive changes for my clients. I am passionate about my work, helping others to undo the pain and shame carried in body and write new stories for themselves. My work is both sacred and clinical, approached with great care and sensitivity. As a result, my clients feel safe, supported and held in their experience.

Kristin Lang
Integrative Bodywork
Vancouver Island
(250) 510-1539
394 Duncan Street
V9L 3W4